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Dynastar E-Lite 3 XP11

Dynastar E-Lite 3 XP11

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In Dynastar's range of E Lite piste skis, the E Lite 3 is one of the most technically accessible. It's designed for female skiers who want to learn the basics of skiing and have fun on the slopes without getting too much out of their comfort zone.

What is the Dynastar E Lite 3 Xpress ski made for?

The E Lite 3 Xpress is designed to be very easy-to-handle. Its hybrid wood/composite core provides both lightness and dynamism, making it ideal for beginners learning the basics of skiing or intermediate skiers looking to progress. The double rocker facilitates quick pivots and smooth transitions in and out of turns, allowing you to carve effortlessly. With a waist width of 78mm, it ensures good grip on hard snow while remaining agile for short turns.

Who is the Dynastar E Lite 3 Xpress ski for?

This model is aimed at beginner to intermediate female skiers who want to learn the fundamentals of skiing with a physically accessible model. It's also perfect for occasional skiers who want to have fun on the slopes.

What are the strengths of the Dynastar E Lite 3 Xpress ski?




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