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Elan Voyager Green EMX 12.0 GW

Elan Voyager Green EMX 12.0 GW

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The new Elan Voyager is the world’s first high performance, folding, all-mountain ski. On one side very convenient to carry as it folds under 1m. On the other side will the Voyager happily tackle anything a demanding skier can wish from a ski, without compromising a single bit of a performance.

The world’s first fully functional, folding, all-mountain ski is making the mountains closer. In our new world, one thing remains crystal clear - devoted skiers still want to spend their precious spare time in the mountains. And in the face of rapidly changing travel habits, anything that can make that goal easier to achieve is invaluable. The result is a ski that allows you to bypass the wait at the oversize luggage belt. A ski that allows you to carve up groomers, float through powder, attack moguls and fit into the trunk of your car with plenty of room to spare for other luggage. It’s designed to fit the needs of the traveling skier, that is passionate about striking a balance between a busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle.


EMX 12.0 GW
Length Radius
172 (14.9)
Carbon reinforced, Fusion Plate
3.5 - 12
Titanium reinforcement, Laminated Woodcore, Amphibio Technology, Connect technology®


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