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Dynastar E- Lite 8 K NX12

Dynastar E- Lite 8 K NX12

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The Dynastar E Lite 8 Konect ski is designed for women who crave the thrill of piste performance. With its Hybrid Core Technology and double rocker profile, this ski offers a blend of versatility and responsiveness that makes it ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers looking to elevate their skiing experience.

What is the Dynastar E Lite 8 Konect ski made for?

The E Lite 8 Konect is engineered with a Hybrid Core construction that combines wood and composite materials, resulting in a ski that's both lightweight and dynamic. This design provides stability at high speeds while remaining physically and technically accessible. It may not be a racing ski, but it can certainly give you the impression of one. Its 75mm waist width and double rocker provide a smooth yet lively ride, making the ski highly manoeuvrable. This model truly allows you to change your pace as desired and fully enjoy the slopes regardless of conditions.

Who is the Dynastar E Lite 8 Konect ski for?

This ski is perfect for intermediate level female skiers aiming to improve their skills or for advanced skiers seeking an accessible model that delivers fun on any slope.

What are the strengths of the Dynastar E Lite 8 Konect ski?




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