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Gogglesoc Goggle Protector

Gogglesoc Goggle Protector

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Lens not lasting? A gogglesoc is an amazing protective microfiber cover for your ski or snowboard goggles. Use it to clean and protect your lenses when they are not in use.

Goggle lenses can be expensive, so don’t let them get scratched or ruined when travelling, in the bar, on the lift or in the chalet.

The Gogglesoc microfiber fabric is stretchy and suitable for cleaning any goggle lens. Oh yeah, and it’s made from recycled plastic bottles.

The fabrics are 12% polyester and 88% rPET, or recycled Polyethylene Teraphlate. rPET is manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

One size fits all (mostly). Easy on, easy off!

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