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Level Iris W Glove

Level Iris W Glove

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      To facilitate the choice of the perfect glove in all weather conditions, LEVEL has developed a 5-level thermal certification index, from cooler to warmer. Only top-quality materials and multi layers technology in order to reach the highest insulation on the market.


This model in our Women’s Line managed to put together refinement and comfort, without losing the main features of the Alpine’s models. Iris W is made with both sheep leather and stretchy fabric. These materials are treated and are fully waterproof. Additionally, Membra-Therm Plus technology separates the outer lining from the inner part, so to keep your hands always dry and warm. The palm and fingers come with a special cut, maximising the grip on your ski poles. The design enhances the elegance of this model and makes it the perfect companion for women who want to look perfect on the ski slopes.


  • Leather Glove:
    • A soft waterproof leather, used in areas which are exposed to high abrasion such as the palms or between the thumb and index finger.
  • Fabric Glove:
    • The fabric is laminated with a process that permits to add a breathable waterproof membrane to the outer material, optimizing warmth and comfort while keeping the hands dry.

  • Primaloft:

    • Soft insulation fabric. An insulation that is water repellent! Unlike down, it won’t hold water so it even keeps you warm when it’s wet! A warm and soft feeling that offers good breathability.
  • Lining:
    • Wear More. Wash Less® Polygiene treated products can be used several times before washing and can be washed at lower temperatures which means that you save energy, water, time and money.

Dry Technology
  • Membra-Therm Plus:

    • A highly breathable membrane insert that creates a waterproof barrier between exterior layer of the glove and the insulating materials. It optimizes warmth and comfort by keeping the hands dry.

  • Fit:
    • SKI STYLE: designed for skiers that require more warmth and greater comfort. Ensuring the fine balance between precision and sensitivity. SNOWBOARD STYLE: mainly used as cold weather choice of the LEVEL’s pro team. The perfect combination between style, comfort and function.
  • Sustainable values:
    • 37% Organic
  • Features:
    • Fur cuff, Zipped cuff

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