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Marker Squire 11 Ski Bindings

Marker Squire 11 Ski Bindings

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Marker's Squire 11 is one of the most popular bindings on the market, designed for freestyle newcomers, lighter weight riders and in bounds skiers. This binding is super lightweight, sturdy and compact due to the new upgraded Hollow Linkage heel piece and Triple Pivot Lite toe piece which requires 30% less step in force than previous models and includes an anti ice rail. The adjustable toe piece height makes this binding able to compensate for a variety of different boot heights, meaning everyone will have reliable releases.

The lightweight design and DIN of 3-11 makes this the perfect binding for lightweight skiers, freestyle skiers and those trying out wider skis for the first time. These bindings provide lightweight reliable performance across different skiing styles.

The Squire 11 is compatible with Alpine soles as well as Gripwalk soles. This binding has all the same great durability, power transmission and torsional stiffness that riders all over the world have come to expect from Marker's Royal family, and works with an even broader range of ski boots!

The Lowdown
  • Triple Pivot Lite2 Toe Piece - Features a horizontally inserted spring to working in conjunction with the AFD glider to provide extremely precise release behaviour and a anti ice rail
  • Hollow Linkage2 Heel Piece - Redesigned for optimal retention for all types of boot soles. With an aluminium hollow axle to reduce weight and increase torsional stiffness
  • AFD (anti-friction device) Glider - Stainless steel adjustable glider for a highly precise release unhindered by dirt, snow or ice
  • Rider Profile - Freestyle / Freeride / Powder
  • Reccomended rider weight - 30-110kg
  • Brake Width - Up to 90mm/100mm/110mm (depending on model selected)
  • Weight - 820g
  • DIN Range - 3-11
  • Ski Boot compatibility - Alpine and Gripwalk soles

The Squire 11 is quite simply one of the bestselling ski bindings in the world. It is reliable, durable and offers a decent price/performance ratio. It's a great binding for a skier looking to go a little harder on any terrain. 

It offers a range of adjustment from 3 to 11 DIN, weighs 1640 grams per pair and offers a 90 mm ski stop. 

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