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Sidas Central Woman Ski Boot Liners

Sidas Central Woman Ski Boot Liners

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The Central Women is the finest thermoformable liner from Sidas especially designed for women. Being 100% thermoformable, this liner is specifically designed for women's ski boots with Alpine skiing and touring in mind (high boots with 4 buckles). Made with Ultralon foam, the Central Women Ski Boot Liner provides maximum comfort and precision

This liner can be molded to your foot much more than a traditional liner and are much warmer too! The new tongue stiffness with reinforcements provide incredible precision and support and the new inner textile makes this liner easier to step in and are extremely long lasting.

The new flex zone allows for impeccable comfort and precision, which is what everyone looks for in a liner. The featured laces improve overall foot support for long trips away and high endurance skiing. The new toebox thickness makes the Central Women Boot Liner easier for thermo molding, allowing you to customise this boot liner to your feet.

Features Include
  • New Tongue Thickness and Reinforcement - Makes for great precision
  • New Inner Textile - Easier to step in and long lasting
  • Laces - For added foot support
  • New Ankle Shape - Incredible support and unmatched comfort
  • New Flex Zone - For comfort and precision
  • New Toebox Thickness - Easier for thermo molding
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Women of All Abilities- Fits all Women's Alpine/Touring Boots with 4 buckles
  • Mountain Profile: Alpine/Touring
  • Condition: Brand New
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