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Volkl Revolt 96 Flat 23/24

Volkl Revolt 96 Flat 23/24

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Get ready to dominate the slopes with the Volkl’s all-new Revolt 96. This versatile ski is your ticket to endless fun whether you're tearing up the park, carving up the piste, or shredding soft powder. The ski has increased tip and tail taper compared to the 95 it replaced, making it more forgiving and less likely to catch in a turn, helping your all-mountain skiing as well as take-offs or butters in the park. The Multilayer Woodcore of beech and poplar provides the strength and power, while the Multi Radius Sidecut adds a new element of manoeuvrability. With its buttery smoothness and unmatched stability, the Revolt 96 is perfect for intermediate to advanced freestylers who demand nothing but the best, but also a great choice for any skiers wanting a playful all-mountain option.

Terrain Type & Ability Level

Terrain Type
The shape and construction work equally well as an all mountain jibber or an urban ski designed to press and butter. It hasn’t got the stiffness for the biggest boost, but it does have a flex that allows you to add extra style and land comfortably. Combined with its rocker and width, this makes it a super playfull all mountain ski too.

Skier Type
Freestyle skiers, whether they spend all their time in the park or who take their skiing onto the mountain as much as they use man made features.


96mm in the waist works equally well in the park, on the piste and around the mountain; the 17m radius (173cm) underfoot, with 20m at the tip and 19m at the tail, helps create a stable ride. The contact points are closer to the tip and tail than the 104 or 121, making it feel more positive in and out of the turn – rocker adds manoeuvrability to make sure it isn’t over precise.

Tip and Tail Rocker uses camber underfoot with rocker at tip and tail. The camber provides the grip and the pop for jumping, the rocker aids turn initiation and release as well as butters and presses.

The Multi Layer Woodcore uses a combination of beech and poplar, resulting in a poppy and extremely durable core composed of hard wood in the binding area and lighter wood around.

Full sidewall produces direct and strong power transmission for the best control. The Mini Cap improves durability and resists potential damage to the topsheet.

Key Features

3D Radius Sidecut
The 3D Radius Sidecut ensures a range of turn size feel natural. A long radius on the tip and tail is combined with a tighter radius in the centre. The longer radii aid bigger turns and higher speeds with easy steering, less tip disruption and smoother turn exits. The shorter radius in the centre makes it easier to execute short turns and improves agility.

EB tester’s comments: Zak (Manchester) all season resort crusher, agile, responsive, and really easy just to get around on with the added benefit of looking awesome.

Size (cm) Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (mm) Tail Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g)
165 126 96 117 18/15/17
173 126 96 117 20/17/19 1920
181 126 96 117 23/20/22

General Information

  • Skier Ability: Intermediate|Advanced
  • Terrain Type: All Mountain|Freestyle
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail Rocker
  • Radius: Long
  • Base: Sintered
  • Bindings: Ski sold flat
  • DIN: n/a
  • Construction: Mini Cap Full Sidewall
  • Core: Wood
  • Demo: No
  • Sizing Description: Eye level for the maximum ease of spinning and rail tricks, but you need to go bigger for extra stability or speed and for all mountain versatility, especially important on the wider models that are designed to spend more time away from the park.
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